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ou wouldn’t call it a laboratory. And it’s certainly not a center for R&D. But what happens on the Australian plains produces some of the most sophisticated fabrics in the world. It’s here that herds of merino sheep quietly graze on the best pieces of Australian grassland. The fleeces they produce will have characteristics that synthetic fabrics have yet to better. Forget neoprene or kevlar, genuinely smart fabrics begin on the back of a sheep.

Zegna fine wool

Our superfine fabric

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Our superfine fabric

Zegna is unique in the men’s fashion world for owning 100% of its supply chain. Ermenegildo Zegna spins ultrafine merino wool from farms in Australia and New Zealand, to create a fabric unlike any other. This is shown by Achill Farm, in NSW, Australia—fully-owned by Zegna, where we get the fleece of our prestigious AchillFarm fabric. Its 10,000 sheep have become an inseparable part of the Zegna world, producing a premium fabric for our collections.

The long fleece fibres that make up wool help to keep it naturally resilient: perfect for creating durable suits. The longer the wool fibre, the higher the quality and the more naturally resilient. For example, when travelling, your merino wool pants may be in danger of getting crumpled, but the length of the high-grade merino wool fibres helps the garment to spring back into shape. And wool’s ability to mould to the body makes it perfect for tailored pieces.

Zegna Achill Farm in Austalia
Achill Farm

Our home in Australia

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Our home in Australia

Compared with cotton, wool can store up to 30% of its weight without becoming damp. Its ability to absorb moisture – and to breathe – is welcome when the pressure is on. Sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, wool intuitively adapts to its surroundings. Wool, in other words, is smart. That’s why suits are made out of wool. And Zegna’s suits start with the best sheep.

As with everything, attention to care is the most important factor in producing the best quality. And this is why each year the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Award promotes excellence in wool production and finds some of the best fleeces in Australia and New Zealand. Now 50 years old, we have witnessed half a century of enhanced competition and a ceaseless pursuit for excellence. The small batches that emerge prize quality beyond quantity, and are carefully spun into our most exclusive and luxurious collections. This wool is not only award-winning, but also smart and ultrafine. Made in Australia, designed by Zegna.

Australian merino wool - Zegna smart fabrics


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